Monday, June 08, 2009


Yes, you heard me correctly—but, doesn’t it sound strange? We hear so much about what’s wrong with the church—and believe me, there are plenty of flaws to point out—that to even ask the question, “What’s right with the church?” is arresting to our ears. Are we fearful that we can find no answer?

Don’t worry—there is a lot that is right and good about the church. Even, more specifically, there is much to be thrilled about at Pole Creek. Let me list a few things:

God’s glory is the focus of our worship. Do we always hit the target? Not a bull’s eye every time, but it is always our goal. That is a good thing.

Someone could be saved at any service at Pole Creek. We unashamedly proclaim that Jesus saves—and that He is the only way to heaven. The cross is still central in our sanctuary and if a lost person attends, they will not be able to accuse us on the Day of Judgment of failing to share the Gospel.

The Holy Spirit still works. Would we pray for a mightier move of God’s Spirit? Sure—but He is moving. There will be those who are stirred, convicted, challenged and empowered by the ministries of the Body of Christ at Pole Creek.

The Bible is believed, taught and preached as the inspired Word of God. We have not deviated from sound doctrine. That can’t be said of every church in our area. You wouldn’t have to travel far to find apostasy just down the road—but the Scripture is foundational in what we do.

The Blessed Hope is still anticipated. We warn of hell, but we sing of heaven. Though there are members who likely give scant thought to the eternal state, so wrapped up in this present world are they. Yet, the core of this congregation is looking up and longing for the return of Christ.

Family is celebrated. Single adults are valued. We care for those with broken hearts and broken homes. When a marriage breaks, we grieve and seek to help people pick up the pieces. If someone is struggling with sexual sin, homosexual or otherwise, they will find Pole Creek speaking the truth in love. What you won’t find here is acceptance of abominable practices and unholy unions.

Children and teens are targeted for ministry. Pole Creek recognizes that the heritage of faith can’t die out with an older generation. Our commitment is to transmit the truth to those who will mature into young champions for Christ. Do we need more involvement and commitment to help in these ministries? Absolutely—but don’t miss the reality that a lot of good is being done.

Good music that is Bible-based, emotionally stirring and presented with excellence is featured. We may not hit a home run every time, but the musical score is more often than not a winner!

Sacrificial service is a hallmark. It would be wonderful if every member would be a minister. That’s ideal. However, if you began to add up the number of hours invested, the giftedness and energy utilized, and were to attempt to pay these workers it would be a staggering amount requiring millions of dollars. Do a few serve Christ for applause? Do some want a position without really performing? Grudgingly, we would say, “Yes”—but not a lot! Most serve only for the glory of God and the good of the church—motivated by love for Christ and His church alone!

Missions is still supported. Pole Creek is literally having an impact around the world. Through our prayers, our giving, and our going souls are being brought into the kingdom in places with names we can’t even pronounce. We could and should do more, but that doesn’t negate the fact that we do a lot—an incredible amount at home and abroad. We have young people answering the call to full-time Christian service. We have adult professionals that are giving of themselves to travel abroad and take the redeeming story of Jesus. There are senior adults that will work long hours for the Lord, though they are retired from secular jobs. Hallelujah!

Prayer is still offered. You will not get an argument from me, that we need a lot more participation in our prayer meetings. Yet, I would underscore that we do have a loyal band of intercessors—some praying in the morning at 6, others praying in the evening at 7, and all hours in between—some in group gatherings and more in private quiet places. God still answers the prayers of Pole Creek people.

Generosity is evident. Is there a need? People move to meet it. Over and again we have seen this church give and give to support the Lord’s work and to aid the Lord’s people. The economy has turned down, yet giving is actually up! That can’t be said everywhere. It costs more to do the work of the kingdom than ever while we struggle with family budgets where it costs more to make ends meet. A few may have cut back in their giving, but others have stepped up. In this we rejoice!

Fellowship is enjoyed. We like to get together. Some hang back. A few drop out. A handful may be harboring grudges. Let me tell you—I miss my church family when I can’t be with them and can’t wait till we get together again! Almost all of us feel the same way and that is something that brings joy to our Lord.

We have a committed and gifted staff. Don’t put us on a pedestal. We aren’t that good—but we ain’t too shabby either. I know these folks in the church office. I work with them. I see their lives and hear their prayers. Their heart for God and Pole Creek is indisputable. We are flawed flesh and blood—just like everyone reading this. Yet, God uses us by His grace.
Get the picture! There is a lot right with the church! I have only scratched the surface.

Now, you will hear a few critics from time to time. Frankly, ours isn’t the only good church around and if it were me and I weren’t happy, I’d find one where I would be. Trouble is, we usually take ourselves wherever we go and if we are unhappy people, it won’t be long until we’re unhappy somewhere else.

When two people marry, they suddenly realize that all is not as rosy as they thought. In courtship we choose to focus on the good stuff and in marriage to underscore the bad stuff. Both are there. Continue to look for the bad in your spouse and you’ll find it and before long divorce may seem the only way out—so you can remarry and make somebody else miserable! Wouldn’t it be better to extol the virtues of your mate—to love them warts and all? Maybe they will return the same courtesy to you!

That’s the way we ought to view Pole Creek. Not a perfect place—but we do have a lot of things going for us. Those who enjoy it have chosen to focus on the strengths. There is a lot that is right with the church!

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