Friday, March 19, 2010

YOU CAN HAVE PEACE WITH GOD: Christ is our Peace

Adrian Rogers told the story of a young lady years ago working for the Salvation Army in a poor neighborhood. She witnessed to one family repeatedly. But she made no headway, as the father was an atheist. The son grew ill—critically ill. He was dying at home and the girl went back one more time to try to share the Gospel with them and thus, comfort them. As she came to the door she heard the boy ask his father, “Dad, am I going to die?” The father answered, “Yes, you’re going to die, but don’t worry, after you die it will all be over—that will be the end. I love you, son—just hold on.” The boy said, “But I’m afraid and I don’t want to die!” To this his father replied, “Son, it will be over in a moment. Just hold on—hold on.” Then she heard the boy pathetically say, “Father, you’re telling me to hold on, but there’s nothing to hold on to.”

If you have not reached up a hand of faith to the hand of grace reaching down, then you are but a step away from the eternal abyss without anything to hold on to. You are in danger of dropping into that Stygian darkness where there is only despair. There will not be a moment’s peace—not for a million years, not for a trillion—not ever.

Do you have peace with God? That peace is found in a Person. “For [Christ] is our peace…” (Ephesians 2:14).

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