Sunday, July 19, 2015


Then a voice came from heaven, “You are My beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased.”  (Mark 1:11)

It is difficult to end up in the right place, if you don’t start out on the right track!  A key to finishing well is beginning well. What we find in our text is the beginning of Christ’s public ministry.  The events recorded here provided the point of departure on a course of obedience to His Father that would lead Him to say, “It is finished”—the race is run, the journey is done, and the victory is won!  That is how I want to end!  Jesus shows us how to get on the right track.

There was THE WITNESS THAT HE SHARED (v.9-13).  If we are on the right track, others should be able to see it!  The witness wasn’t merely declared by His lips, but demonstrated by His life.

We observe the witness of His virtue (v.9-11). “You are my beloved Son….”  From the time of Christ’s appearance at the age of twelve in the temple to his baptism at the age of thirty, there are eighteen hidden years of maturing. He passed that part of His schooling!  God doesn’t develop His leaders in a microwave, but a crock pot!  Then He steps into public view. Baptism was a testimony of His identification with sinners and mission to die and rise again.  It was another step of obedience. 

We note the witness of His victory (v.12-13) “tempted by Satan….”  This was the biggest test yet.  Jesus passed with impeccable credentials!   He was with the wild beasts as the Last Adam—in harmony with earth.  The angels come and ministered to Him after this great battle—He was in harmony with heaven.

There were THE WORDS THAT HE SPOKE (v.14-15).  If we are on the right track, we should be able to tell others how to get on it!  From out of the fountain of His pure heart, flowed these powerful words from His mouth. 

Consider the source of the message (v.14) “the kingdom of God….”  The kingdom of God is the rule of Heaven over all.  As in every kingdom, there are laws, which govern the conduct of the citizens.  Notice that John had been proclaiming that message and now that his voice is soon to be silenced in death, Jesus will take up the message.  God always has someone to lead us on the right track.  In every generation, He raises up witnesses to the truth.

Furthermore, we find the substance of the message (v.15)“Repent, and believe….”  This is the core message of the Bible.  It is still our message for today. Being on the right track means that both repentance and faith are present in order not to derail!

There were THE WORKERS THAT HE SUMMONED (v.16-20).  Being on the right track means we show it by our life and share it with our lips, but also, that we summon others to join us on the trip.

We hear a call to follow (v.16-17a; 18-20) “Follow Me….”  To follow Him is to forsake all else (v.20).  There is just one right track—everything else is a detour.

We have a call to fish (v.17b) “I will make you fishers of men.”  Jesus came to seek and save the lost.  He calls us to fish for souls of men!  There are plenty of fish.  The Gospel is the net.  Apart from Him, we cannot catch men, but apart from us, He will not.  This is our job.  Bring them in!

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