Saturday, December 05, 2015


You who fear the LORD, trust in the LORD; He is their help and their shield.  (Psalm 115:11

Is there hope for America?  We are bleeding to death from self-inflicted wounds.  The patient is in critical condition.  If we do not turn from our wicked ways and seek the Lord urgently, then our condition will be terminal.  Psalm 115 points us to the cure.

WE MUST SEE OUR NEED (v.1-2).  Unless a person responds to his or her symptoms by seeking a physician, there is no hope for them.  The psalmist cries out in desperation and intercedes for his nation. 

Our ultimate concern must be for the glory of God—and that is the heartbeat of the writer.  God’s glorious name was being besmirched because of the evil ways of His children.  This is not a self-centered prayer at all.  The heathen mock that glorious name.  It must not be!  We do not want America to be great for her name, but for God’s glory!  America will only be great again, when she is good again. 

Based on a passion for God’s glory, Psalm 115 pleads with God for mercy and truth to be magnified.  The Lord is merciful and would spare us from judgment, but He is also truthful and had ordained this, “The wicked shall be turned into hell, and all the nations that forget God.”  (Ps.9:17)  Our only hope is in an urgent expression of contrition that seeks God’s mercy and a return to living by the truth of Scripture.

WE MUST TURN FROM IDOLS (v.3-8).  The danger is that a nation in trouble will seek help in a god of our own making.  We worship that which we trust in.  Man foolishly looks to government rather than God to meet his needs.  People trust in science and technology to bring a cure.  Somehow we think that the elite in education have the answers.  All we need is more money, more programs, more studies, and such—we can work it out.  This is the false religion of utopianism—that began with Babel in Genesis and ends with it centered in Babylon again in the last days as described in Revelation.  In both cases, it brings down God’s judgment.  What fools we are, “always learning and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth.”  (2 Tim.3:7)

There is but one God—sovereign and omnipotent.  He will work out His will and nothing can thwart it (v.3).  The question is not whether God is on our side, but are we on His?  In contrast, the gods we fashion to save us will always fail.  They are powerless to do otherwise (v.4-7).  They are blind, deaf, lifeless—and those who worship such become like them—spiritually dead (v.8).

WE MUST TRUST IN GOD (v.9-15).  This is repeated three times in these closing verses.  Turning from idols, we trust in God—and there is the hope of our nation! 

God will shield us (v.9-11).  He is our Defender.  There will be none to terrorize us, from without or within, if we trust in God.

God will bless us (v.12-16).  He is our Provider.  The economy does not have to crash, if we will seek the Lord.  He will keep His promises, if we trust Him.

The day of decision is here.  Time is running out.  The choice is before us (v.17-18).  We can choose life or death.  Let us, as the people of God, fervently and faithfully seek the glory of God—pleading that mercy and truth will be restored!

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