Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Ezra mentions three times in chapter seven that the good hand of God was upon him (v.6,9,28). Because of this, he provided tremendous spiritual leadership for the people of God. Leaders in the church today can learn from his example.

How can we have the hand of God’s blessing on our leadership?

IT IS A MATTER OF OUR HEART: CONSECRATION TO THE WILL OF GOD. We are told that Ezra “prepared his heart…” (v.10a). God can only use a clean vessel—one consecrated to His will. Ezra was such a servant. We must have a pure heart through which God’s grace can flow unobstructed if our leadership is to be effective.

IT IS A MATTER OF OUR MIND: CONCENTRATION ON THE WORD OF GOD. Scripture says of Ezra that his heart was set “to seek the Law of the LORD…” (v.10b). When our heart is set on God and our mind is saturated with God’s Word, then His hand is free to bless our leadership. Leading God’s church requires a roadmap and that roadmap is the Bible.

IT IS A MATTER OF OUR HANDS: COMMITMENT TO THE WORK OF GOD. This passage speaks of Ezra’s commitment “to do it…” (v.10c). For him, Scripture wasn’t theoretical, but practical. While we must know what God expects, nothing significant happens until we apply that truth.

IT IS A MATTER OF OUR MOUTH: COMMUNICATION OF THE WAYS OF GOD. Ezra 7:10 closes with his passion, “to teach statutes and ordinances in Israel.” A leader must inspire others to follow. This means there is solid communication of where to go and how to get there.

The evidence of God’s hand of blessing on our leadership is fourfold:
1) EXALTATION (v.27). God will be glorified in His people.
2) EXTENSION (v.28a). His mercy and grace will be extended to His church.
3) ENCOURAGEMENT (v.28b). This is the fuel that keeps us running.
4) ENLISTMENT (v.28c). Leaders develop more leaders and multiply the ministry.

Let us seek the hand of God’s blessing on our leadership, and settle for nothing less!

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