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Consider the following article from Kairos Journal:

“Paying the Price for Being Prophetic”—Aake Green (1942 – )

Aake Green pastors a Christian congregation “on the small southeastern island of Oeland” in Sweden. In June of 2004, he was convicted of hate speech by a Swedish court and sentenced to 30 days in prison for preaching a sermon against homosexuality.1 The statute he violated was part of “Sweden’s tough hate crimes laws, which make it a crime to make inflammatory remarks against racial, religious or national groups.”2 On February 11, 2005, the Goeta Appeals Court overturned the previous ruling on the grounds that a pastor’s personal interpretation of the Bible is protected by the European Convention on Human Rights.

Pastor Green felt compelled, given the weightiness of the issue, to include a national audience by inviting the media. Green’s original sermon in context underscores his central theme: a nation cannot long prosper if it ignores God’s holy ordinances for sexual activity.

Sexual abnormalities are a deep cancerous tumor in the entire society. The Lord knows that sexually twisted people will rape the animals {Lev. 18:22-30}.3 Not even animals can avoid the fiery passion of man’s sexual lust. Even this [bestiality], some will pursue. For many years, I have heard stories like these from people when I sat and listened as a volunteer telephone counselor. This wasn’t just one incident where people told of the animal [sexual] relations they had had—which had given them satisfaction. So it is abundantly clear that God is not writing a book of fairy tales for people to think of these things. He writes it with the thought in mind that people will act this way when they abandon God. Because of these sins, the land will vomit out its inhabitants. The political response to this in our country is then what Paul talks about: “We know God’s righteous decree that those who live that way deserve death. Still it is in that very way they live, and worse yet, they think it is good when others do it.” [Paraphrase of Romans 1:32.] This is how we experience the political response in our country. They [government] give their consent and they think it is good that they are engaged in this. “It doesn’t matter.”

However—our country is facing a disaster of great proportions! Of that we can be sure. God said the land would vomit out its inhabitants. They were not allowed to remain if they continued living like the people who had previously inhabited the land. When the children of Israel were about to possess the promised land, should they begin to have such relations that were contrary to God’s Word, then God says the land will once again vomit out its inhabitants. I think it could happen in Sweden. I think it could happen in our country, because we have adopted such laws. Our country has not the least concern about what God has spoken. Our country is facing a disaster. Who is to say that we cannot have an earthquake where hundreds of thousands of people could die in an instant? Who is to say that we cannot have any monsoon rains that drown thousands of people in our country? Who is to say that other catastrophes cannot reach Scandinavia? We are so safe and secure. And we sit here so sheltered and cozy, and “it cannot happen to us,” but in southern Europe—there it happens, and in other parts of the world and China—there it happens. God can turn it around, so that the inhabitants of our land may experience precisely these [events]. We may be vomited out of the land because our nation has left God. This is devastating.

To think that approximately 300 of our popularly elected officials have led us down a road to catastrophe. As they have adopted these laws of [domestic] partnership and let people live as they wish. And today they cannot fathom the consequences of the decisions they have made. Only time will tell about this. We have gotten to learn words like “incest, pedophile, and child molestation.” Words that make us shudder, that belong to the abnormalities. I want to turn to First Corinthians chapter six and include something Paul brings up concerning the Corinthian congregation and their way of life. He says in verse 9 [-11]. . .

Now I read from the original text, it goes like this: “Or do you not know that the unrighteous shall not inherit the Kingdom of God. Do not deceive yourselves. Neither sexually immoral people nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor people of sensual pleasure, nor defilers of boys, shall inherit God’s kingdom.” Defilers of boys—already when the Bible was written the Lord knew what was going to happen. We have experienced it here, and we are horrified by it. In First Timothy 1:10 Paul talks about perverts. “Perverse” is translated from the original text, which states: “one who lies with boys.”

All homosexuals are not pedophiles or perverts. They nevertheless open the door to forbidden areas and allow sin to take hold of the life of the mind. And the one who is a pedophile today does not start out as such. They simply begin by changing their gender relationships. That is how it began. To be “faithful” in a homosexual relationship is in no way a better relationship than where you frequently change partners. It is equally detestable in the eyes of God. From God’s perspective it is to be rejected, and from God’s perspective it is as much sin if you frequently change partners as it is to live in a [committed] homosexual relationship. It makes no difference before God’s Word. . . .

We must never think that some people, because of their sinful lives, would end up outside of grace. Paul says about himself that he was the foremost of all sinners, but he encountered an abundance of grace and mercy. He also states in First Corinthians 6:9-11, when he lists sexual immorality with other sins, that you can be saved from all the listed sins, including sexual immorality. What these people need, who live under the slavery of sexual immorality, is an abundant grace. It exists. It is valid also for them. Therefore we will encourage those who live in this manner to look at the grace of Jesus Christ. We cannot condemn these people—Jesus never did that either. He showed everyone He met deep respect for the person they were, for instance the adulterous woman, in John 8, or the woman at the well in Sychar, according to John 4. Jesus never belittled anyone. He offered them grace. We must never belittle anyone who lives in sin. The sin we cannot bear—but the human being [we must hold up]. . . .4

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3 This Scripture citation was added by the Kairos Journal. The square brackets in the text were added by the translators.
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