Monday, January 11, 2010


The day after Thanksgiving is a busy shopping day as people take a lot of merchandise out of the stores for Christmas gifts. The day after Christmas is also a busy day as people take a lot of it back—things that don’t fit or things they don’t want. I think everyone has an Aunt Clara who gives you a gaudy tie or a pair of garish socks. Ralphie, in the movie, A Christmas Story had an Aunt Clara and here’s what she gave him:

Pink bunny pajamas!

His father said he looked like a “deranged Easter Bunny” and called it a “pink nightmare!” What he wanted was an official Red Ryder carbine action 200 shot range model air rifle! Despite all the concerned adults who constantly told Ralphie that he would shoot his eye out—he did get the BB gun. All was well with the world.

The fact is, however, that even if we got something for Christmas that we really wanted—and not something we’d want to return—the pleasure that anything this world affords is fleeting at best. Yet, our Heavenly Father has given us gifts that we will treasure more than anything this world offers. These are gifts you won’t return. They are gifts of eternal satisfaction, for they are spiritual and not temporal in nature. This week, in our daily messages, we will unwrap four of these great gifts.

Have you paused and given thanks to God for His many, many blessings? Why not do that right now?

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