Monday, January 04, 2010


It seems like all you hear any more is bad news. In Colorado Springs, on Christmas Eve, Mike Hermanstorfer held his pregnant wife’s hand as it became ice cold. Her heart had stopped. The call went out, “Code Blue!” Medical personnel were trying to save them, but it seemed hopeless. Five minutes that seemed like an eternity went by before the baby could be removed by C-section. The baby wasn’t breathing. The still, tiny form was handed to Dad and then—wonder of wonders—the apparently stillborn infant finally took his first breath—and something else, equally, if not more remarkable—Tracy Hermanstorfer’s heart started beating again. Now, Mom and baby are doing fine—it was a Christmas miracle! There’s some good news for a change!

Yet, one day Tracy and her baby will face death again. It is a reality we all have to deal with—bad news! But, what if I told you that you could live forever? Now, that would be good news—the best news—and it is absolutely true. God offers you eternal life through His Son, Jesus Christ. That’s what the book of Romans is about and the author, the Apostle Paul, doesn’t beat around the bush. He goes straight to the point. “Paul, a bondservant of Jesus Christ, called to be an apostle, separated to the gospel of God…” (Romans 1:1).

This is a book about the Gospel (meaning good news). It occurs 6 times in the first 16 verses! It is found 60 times in the epistle. It will be the foundation of these weekday devotional thoughts for 2010.

Have you personally experienced this good news through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ? The good news is that today, you can turn from your sin and turn to Him by faith in His death on the cross and His resurrection power for you. If you do know Him, have you thanked Him for this good news? Pause for a moment and whisper a prayer of gratitude. Then, why don’t you tell someone else today about this good news? Chances are they’ve heard enough bad news and need to hear this desperately. No one is better equipped than you to do so.

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