Wednesday, March 11, 2015


In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.  (John 1:1)

What would the world be without words?  You could not read this any more than I could write it.  Communication would only be grunts and gestures.  Imagine no cards or calls, letters or lyrics, e-mails or text messages, no on could write a book or read one.  Words are vital.  They reveal things.  Words express thoughts.  They communicate who we are.  John, thus, has chosen to present Jesus as the Word of God.  The Son reveals the Father.  He expresses God’s nature perfectly.  Christ communicates the mind of God clearly.

Jesus is the Word in THE BEGINNING OF THE CREATION (John 1:1-2).  The first chapter of this Gospel takes us back to the first chapter of Genesis.  We find the Word to be preexistent, In the beginning was the Word….”  When the beginning began, Christ already was.  Since He was already in the beginning when all creation things began that means He is eternal and uncreated.  There was a time on His mother’s side when He was born the Son of Man, but on His Father’s side He has always been the Son of God!  We find the Word to be personal, “the Word was with God….”  There is only one God, yet Jesus is a distinct person in the Trinity.  The term John uses means, “face to face” with God, conveying an intimacy we cannot fully grasp.  In the face of Jesus we see the face of God.  This means the Word is powerful, “and the Word was God.  He was in the beginning with God.”  He is the great I AM, the Lord, the Almighty—all power resides in Him.  That power is available to us as we are in union with Christ!  (see Col.2:9-10)

Jesus is the Word in THE BIRTHING OF THE CREATION (v.3-4).  John uses simple terms to express sublime thoughts.  The Word has birthed the natural creation (v.3).  This material word was spoken into existence.  Scripture teaches that the Triune God—Father, Son and Spirit were all involved in that creative act.  The Word also births the new creation (v.4).  The natural creation fell under the curse—in the darkness of sin and death.  Jesus came to make a new creation and bring light and life.  In our natural birth we are sinners stumbling toward Hell. By a new birth we are made saints suited for Heaven!

Jesus is the Word in THE BATTLE FOR THE CREATION (v.5).  This verse suggests a conflict as darkness tries to extinguish the Light, and a conquest as the Light overcomes the darkness and dispels it instead.  The Light of the Word discloses Satan.  The Old Serpent would prefer to slither in the shadows and strike the unsuspecting.  John tells us the Serpent’s spawn do likewise.  Jesus, however, exposes evil and error.  The Light of the Word defeats Satan.  Christ became flesh and was subjected to all the temptations we encounter, but overcame them all. Since the Wicked One could not defile Him, he tried to destroy Him.  He moved in the hearts of his henchmen to nail Him to a cross and seal Him in a tomb.  Darkness fell on the earth as He hung on the cross.  Despair gripped the disciples as He lay in the grave.  But, on the third day, He arose—bursting through the darkness in unconquerable light!  We can enter the Light and experience liberation!

God has spoken through His Son.  Will you hear and heed Him?

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