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Therefore the Jews sought all the more to kill Him, because He not only broke the Sabbath, but also said that God was His Father, making Himself equal with God.  (John 5:18)

Jesus asked, “What do you think about the Christ?” (Matt.22:42)  Big question isn’t it?  Be careful how you answer—it could mean the difference between heaven and hell.  Some would say Jesus is a great religious leader.  Others might say He was a teacher of moral precepts.  Still another might add that He was a good man.  Those answers aren’t incorrect—they are insufficient.  The Christ was, is, and always shall be God.  Though from His miraculous conception, He was fully man, He never ceased being what He always was—wholly God.  Any other conclusion leaves one with a Christ who is not the real one—a pale shadow of His true self—and incapable of being our Savior.

You will sometimes hear liberals argue that Jesus never claimed to be God.  The religious leaders of His day certainly understood His claim—and wanted to kill Him for it. They didn’t believe Him, but they had no trouble understanding Him.  They were the spawn of Satan—hateful hypocrites—and they recognized Jesus’ claim.  What might we say then about the spiritual condition of the liberals? 

Jesus expounds this claim to be God in the fifth chapter of John.

He says that he sees what the Father is doing and does what the Father does (John 5:19).  To do what another can do is to be on equal footing.  Because He does the works of God, He is God.

He also says that He knows the mind of God (John 5:20).  Christ was in constant communion with the Father.  Their fellowship was absolute for Jesus had no sin to disrupt that fellowship.  Because He has the mind of God, He is God.

Christ further states that He possesses the life of God (John 5:21, 26).  Only God can give life.  He is the source.  Jesus claims to be that source.  Because He has the life of God, He is God.

The next declaration of His Deity is that He has the authority of God (John 5:22, 24-29).  Jesus claims the authority to raise the dead and judge those raised.  That is the exclusive prerogative of God.  Because He has the authority of God, He is God.

Then He boldly demands the worship of God (John5:23).  In the same way men honor the Father, they are to honor the Son.  Only God is to be worshipped, yet Jesus says He is worthy of the same.  Because He merits the worship of God, He is God.

He asserts He speaks the words of God (John 5:24).  To hear Jesus was to hear the voice of God.  Because He speaks the words of God, He is God.

Jesus displays the righteousness of God (John 5:30).  His judgment is completely just.  He does all the Father’s will perfectly.  Righteousness belongs to Him.  Because He displays the righteousness of God, Jesus is God.

This is the real Jesus.  If you want eternal life you must receive Him—not the one you imagine Him to be.  What do you think about the Christ?

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