Friday, April 17, 2015


Though an army may encamp against me,
My heart shall not fear….  (Psalm 27:3a)

We can look at the evil conditions about us—whine and surrender—or we can suck it up, set our chin, dig in our heels and look to heaven for victory!  From his first fight, when David faced a ten-foot giant with only a slingshot—throughout many battlefield engagements—the veteran warrior was a winner, not a whiner.  What battles are you facing today?  Have you suffered too many spiritual setbacks?  Are you beaten down—a spiritual casualty?  David tells us how to live in victory.

There is VICTORY’S CONFIDENCE (v.1-3).  We hear the confidence in David’s voice—faith that casts out fear.  His confidence was in the power of God.  He knew that if God is for us none can stand against us.  That confidence expressed so clearly is a compelling power coming from a leader.  Fear is contagious also.  Leaders make a choice whether to inspire faith in God’s army or fear—and that will make a big difference.  John wrote, “This is the victory that overcomes the world—even our faith.”  (1 Jn.5:4b)

Next, note VICTORY’S COMMUNION (v.4-5).  David’s confidence was rooted in his communion with God.  He met with his Commander and received orders from heaven’s headquarters!  A winning strategy was communicated to him.  This is indispensable.  When the bulk of our time is spent listening to the world rather than listening to the Word, it is no wonder our minds are enslaved with fear.  It is time spent with God that fortifies our faith!  “Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God.”  (Rom.10:17)

Then we have VICTORY’S CELEBRATION (v.6).  Here is an expression of confidence—so sure of victory that David is already planning a celebration.  In modern sports terms—the champagne is on ice in the locker room!  Too many church services are like a funeral rather than a festival.  We drag in here on Sunday mornings and nurse our wounds.  Looking into the faces of some, it seems that they have accepted defeat.  Haven’t you read the end of the story?  We win—and heaven will be a great celebration of victory!

Also, we have VICTORY’S CRY  (v.7-10)  Where can we go, but to the Lord?  David knew the victory would be won through prayer.  He cries out to God for help.  My hope for change in America doesn’t rest in the White House but higher up—to the One who sits on the White Throne!  2 Chronicles 7:14 is the winning strategy God gave us—humble yourselves and pray and seek His face!

Observe also VICTORY’S COURSE (v.11-13).  Winning armies require good training.  Our field manual is the Bible.  God has given us spiritual armor and our weapon is truth.  The Great Commission is our marching orders.  We win the battle one heart at a time. 

Finally, there is VICTORY’S COURAGE (v.14)  David knew how to build the morale of his troops.  That is my mission today.  Good leaders have an unconquerable spirit that puts them in front as they charge the hill.   Now, men and women, “CHARGE!”

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