Wednesday, April 01, 2015


And whatever he does shall prosper.  (Psalm 1:3d)

Would you like to prosper in anything you do?  Do I have your attention?  God promises that in Psalm 1.  The issue is, “What is true prosperity and how do we get it?”  Most would equate prosperity with money. Yet, you would find some of the richest people to be the most miserable.  True prosperity is wrapped up in the word, “Blessed.”  In the original, it is a plural word.  God’s blessings are always many.  When He gives one, another follows.  It is speaking of a state of blessedness.  This is a life enriched with the friendship and favor of God.  The Psalmist points us to the path that brings us into true prosperity.

There is A DANGER TO AVOID (v.1).  The psalmist begins with a negative. There are both positives and negatives in Scripture.  One danger to avoid is secular counsel, “the counsel of the ungodly.”  Everyday we are inundated with information—a multitude of talking heads telling us what to do.  Some of it is merely nonsense, much of it destructive.  It is Satan’s propaganda, slickly packaged and authoritatively presented by some expert.  Stop your ears to it!  Another danger is sinful companions, “the path of sinners.”  Scripture warns that a companion of fools will be destroyed.  Peer pressure is another powerful force to shape us.  Stay away!  One more peril is scornful cynics, “the seat of the scornful.”  Our age has become increasingly cynical.  It is the inevitable consequence of those who begin to listen to wrong philosophies and doctrines.

The path to prosperity not only has a danger to avoid, but A DELIGHT TO APPLY (v.2).  “But” draws the sharp contrast between the ungodly and the godly.  He does not listen to the wisdom of the world, but of the Word!  He does not linger in the path of sinners, but in the presence of the saints!  He doesn’t learn from skeptical teachers, but the Scriptural truth!  Believers are blessed when they have a passionate love of God’s Word, “his delight is in the law of the Lord.”  Is studying the Bible a duty or delight?  If we do not delight in God’s Word, what does that indicate about our spiritual state?  Then there will be a persistent learning of God’s Word, “in His law he meditates.” The word has to do with rumination—as a sheep chewing its cud.  We are God’s sheep and need to fully digest His truth.  Then comes a practical living of God’s Word, “day and night.”  There needs to be a consistent application of God’s truth.  We are not to be mere hearers of the Word, but doers also.

Then the path to prosperity features A DYNAMIC TO AQUIRE (v.3).  God’s dynamic power is unleashed!  We will be planted, “He shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water.”  There will be stability and sustenance whether in seasons of deluge or drought.  We will be productive, “that brings forth its fruit in its season ”  This is the fruit of the Spirit.  Fruitfulness requires patience and pruning—God as the Divine Gardener does this.  We will be perennial, “whose leaf also shall not wither.”  We won’t wither in heat of summer, fall off in fall, and vanish in winter.  There will be consistency in our character and conduct.  We will be prosperous, “and whatever he does shall prosper.”  We will enjoy the blessing of God that touches every dimension of life.

There are two directions with two destinations (v.4-6).  Which will you choose?

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