Friday, May 01, 2015


This hope we have as an anchor of the soul, both sure and steadfast, and which enters the Presence behind the veil....  (Hebrews 6:19)

There have been a number of Sunday mornings, I have walked into our auditorium, burdened and weary.  Then, I have looked at a beautiful stained glass window that simply features an anchor.  When the sun shines through in the morning, the image of that anchor glows on the carpet.  I have been reminded that whatever storm I was going through I had an anchor that would hold--and hope flooded my soul, washing away the doubt and fear!  It is a visual presentation of the verbal proclamation that our text makes.  This small church of Hebrews was facing a hurricane of hateful persecution.  They needed reassurance that their anchor was secure.

There is THE SURE PROMISE (v.13-17).  CHRIST’S PROMISE IS IMMUTABLE.  The word means unchanging.  If God makes a promise, you need not doubt it!  It is immutable—unchanging and always true.  It cannot be a deception—a deliberate lie for God is wholly true.  It cannot be a delusion—thinking that He can do something that He cannot—for He is all powerful.  When I go into court and promise to tell the truth, I swear on a Bible—pledging to and dependent on a Higher Power to make my testimony sure.  God cannot do more than to make a promise based on His own nature for there is no higher authority (v.16).  The promise made to Abraham would be a long time in its fulfillment—a decade and a half later.    "And so, after he had patiently endured, he obtained the promise." (v.15)  His profession was matched by his performance and proven in his persistence—and thus, Abraham received the promise—and that is what we must do also (6:1-12).

Further, we have THE SECURE HOPE (v.18-19).  CHRIST’S PRESERVATION IS IMMOVABLE.  I hope that you would find it improbable that I would lie—but being a frail human, you know I could.  It might be that I didn't intend to deceive, but was mistaken.  With God neither falsehood or failure is possible!  If He lied, He would cease to be God and instead become the Devil of hell.  The author doesn't write so we throw up our hands and give up, but hitch up our britches and go on! “Strong consolation” means "calling alongside"--a loud voice urging us on!  Picture a terrified sailor in storm, hearing the captain's voice above the storm or a tired runner cheered by the crowd as he heads for the finish line.   The term “fled for refuge" suggests the Old Testament cities of refuge where a man could flee if he had accidentally killed someone.  Jesus is our refuge!

Then, there is THE STEADFAST WORK (v.20).  CHRIST’S PRIESTHOOD IS IMMORTAL.  We are safe as long as Jesus intercedes—which means we are safe forever!  He is the forerunner who has penetrated beyond the veil, into the Holy of Holies in heaven, opening the way for us.

Are you anchored in Christ?  Are you trusting Him to save you?  That is the only hope we have as sinners—but it is a steadfast hope if we will place our faith in Him and give our life to Him.  If you are drifting, put down the anchor!  If you are doubting, look up to Jesus!

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