Saturday, May 30, 2015


For in that day every man shall throw away his idols of silver and his idols of gold—sin, which your own hands have made for yourselves.  (Isaiah 31:7)

Militant atheist, Michael Newdow, is frequently in the headlines for his persistent efforts to have, “under God” removed from the Pledge of Allegiance and “In God We Trust,” from our currency.  Thus far, the courts have refused to do so—but, in a future day who knows?  Judging by past actions of judges, the threat is a real one.

Yet something even more insidious is occurring.  The assault on America’s house has withstood the woodpeckers like Newdow, but there have been termites slowly, silently eating away at the structure, which will lead to eventual collapse.  Every segment of society is affected, not just government.  Even the church is not immune.

What is that threat?  That we continue to mouth the words, but with no meaning—trust we profess with our lips, while our heart is devoid of commitment to them.  We may continue to say we believe in God, yet ourselves be practical atheists—living as though God does not exist.  Of course, man is inherently religious; we will worship something.  Thus, we make idols and bow to them.  It is not required that we literally set a statue in a shrine and bow to it.  Anyone or anything that is the object of our trust—other than Almighty God—has become an idol.

In the thirty-first chapter of Isaiah, we find Israel confronted with their idolatry.  Jerusalem was facing assault by the Assyrians (see chapters 36-37 for the historical narrative).  The Assyrians had already conquered the Northern Kingdom, razed its capital, Samaria, and taken their brethren captive.  Now, the Southern Kingdom of Judah had seen city after city ground under the assault of a ruthless empire, intent on world domination, with Jerusalem in its crosshairs.

God warns the people to trust in Him.  The natural tendency would be to seek an alliance with another nation to come to their aid.  Egypt would be the logical choice.  Looking south rather than looking up would only seal their doom (Isa.31:1-3).  God would be their deliverer, if they would make Him the object of dependence.  Otherwise, He would be their destroyer—both Egyptians and Jews would perish in God’s judgment for rejecting Him.

The Lord promises that He rescue them, if they will rely on Him (Isa.31:4-9).  That is what transpired.  Good King Hezekiah heeded the prophet and God wrought a miraculous deliverance. 

God is immutable—He never changes.  The hope of the church is not innovative methods, but God.  The salvation of America is not in legislation, armament, technology, or elections, but in God.  Let me start by casting away any idol I rely on, and seek the Lord with all my heart.  May that repentant spirit grip the nation so it is true—“In God We Trust.”  That is our only hope!

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